Peppe’s Tacos – Selma Raisin Festival

Rumor of a “not to be missed” taco stand at the Selma Raisin Festival is all it took to get Mike Oz and me out on Saturday. We found two options: “Juicy Tacos” prepared by Trinity Life Assembly, or “Delicious Steak Tacos” offered at Peppe’s. (For comparison’s sake, we tried both…but let’s focus on Peppe’s.)

When Joe, the owner, saw the camera, he offered Mike and me half his profits if we’d make him famous–too bad he doesn’t have a restaurant! He sets up the booth at fairs and events as a hobby. As a hobby.

Overall, not a bad excuse to drive to Selma. The meat was tender and flavorful–not a spice mix I’d want every day, but a nice change. The only disappointment was the green salsa, which was unnecessarily labeled with a “caution” label. I can take the heat.

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