Archive | July, 2011

Dinner with The Cured Ham & Friends

I teased Saturday’s dinner on TasteFresno, but the two photos I posted didn’t do the full spread justice. David (of The Cured Ham), Chef Tommy, and Falina put on an incredible feast–one of the tastiest meals I’ve had, actually. For more photos and the full menu (including a description of the “Prime Tasting of Three […]

Mental escape: Ferry Building Farmers Market

Today was weird—not bad, just weird. In fact, the last week or so has felt this way, and I can’t help but think it’s because I haven’t been to the Bay in a while. I need a day trip for inspiration. That’s going to be hard to pull off this week, so instead, I’m flipping through […]

Sacramento’s Shady Lady

I drove up to Sacramento on Monday for a meeting with a potential client. It’s just shy of three hours each way, so I figured I’d make the most of the day by filing papers with the state (they’re processed two and a half months faster if you submit them in person) and exploring the […]

Food culture and the taco underground

The more I explore the concept of “food culture,” the better I understand how that’s defined in the Central Valley. For example, if you’re ordering from a mobile food vendor here (save from Dusty Buns), you’re eating tacos—maybe a burrito, if you’re feeling frisky. Outside of the valley, food trucks are trending. They provide all […]