Archive | September, 2011

Fresh & Easy

I needed something healthy for dinner. Like an heirloom tomato and edible-skinned avocado. I picked these up during a tour on Sunday of KMK Farms in Kingsburg. Take a trip to a nearby farm, farm stand or farmers market to take advantage of the harvest!

The Dirty Kumquat

A few weeks back I picked up a bottle of kumquat-infused vodka at a harvest exchange. I sipped a little neat, but decided to hand the bottle over to a professional for mixing. Enter Ephiram, of Anywhere Laboratories. We met up on a Friday afternoon to talk about mixed-use spaces: I’m researching shared kitchen spaces, […]

Name that pepper:

Ever seen one of these? I bought a few off of the flower vendor at the market this morning—she says they’re as hot as a habañero. I’m a little nervous.