Archive | October, 2011

Denver Eats: Jerusalem Restaurant

When traveling, I’ll always trust a recommendation from a friend over one from Yelp. That’s how I found Jerusalem: my friend Susan suggested it during my overnight stay in Denver last week. Honestly, I’m not sure how Susan discovered this place, but she said it was good enough to take a cab during a layover–that’s […]


Meet Jason. He’s my not so little brother. And he’s one of the few people I know that appreciates flannel as much as I do. I finally lured him to California. Jason left North Carolina last Monday; I flew in to Denver later in the week to help drive the last 1,250 miles. I’ll share […]

Good Food Awards: Tasting Panels

I first heard of the Good Food Awards through my friend Emily, another Eat Retreat connection (actually, she helped organize the retreat!). Emily is serving as chair for the Preserves committee, and connected me to the organizers so that I could help document this year’s judging. It was humbling to spend a day amongst so […]


I’m in SF for a few days, and was able to catch up with Kimberley of The Year in Food over dinner at Starbelly. More on food later; for now, just a photo. I’m off to explore the city!