Denver Eats: Jerusalem Restaurant

When traveling, I’ll always trust a recommendation from a friend over one from Yelp. That’s how I found Jerusalem: my friend Susan suggested it during my overnight stay in Denver last week. Honestly, I’m not sure how Susan discovered this place, but she said it was good enough to take a cab during a layover–that’s at least a 20 minute drive from the airport, and it’s tucked away off of I-25 next to a residential area.

The space is unassuming–it’s a neighborhood restaurant. But walking up, Jason and I noticed that the small dining room was packed, and that’s usually a good sign. We were offered a table on the closed-in patio, which is accessed through the kitchen. We started with coffee.

After a stop for appetizers and beer at Wynkoop Brewing Company, we weren’t very hungry, so we split an order of felafel and the combo plate: gyro and kebab meat, fattoush, tabbouleh, yalanchi, hummus, baba ganoush, pilaf and pita. Yep, just a light dinner.

Overall, it was good. Not mind-blowing or I’ll-never-eat-Mediterranean-anywhere-else good, but refreshingly authentic.

Of course, now that I say that, I’m craving the felafel and hummus.

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