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Redefining Tradition

I’m not big on tradition–at least, not in the form that it seems to take during the holidays. Thanksgiving, for example, long ago highlighted the rich flavors of harvest, but the “traditional” celebration seems to have devolved into canned sweet potatoes, green beans topped with crispy onions, and a cranberry-colored gelatinous substance. Sure, my family […]

Small bites – IFBC Santa Monica

You know that joke about Nascar drivers only being able to turn left? (That is a joke, right? I know I didn’t make that up.) Well, I feel like that with my travels–my car is always pointed toward San Francisco or Sacramento. This weekend, however, I’m in Santa Monica for the International Food Bloggers Conference. Last […]

Flagstaff Eats: Diablo Burger

Edit: I really do love Denver, but Diablo Burger is in Flagstaff. D’oh! I had to reflect on this for a week, but the more I think about Diablo’s Wrigley Field burger, the more I know it’s one of the best I’ve had. Ever. I’m in love: with the burger, with the emphasis on local–with […]