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Makhenda, “loving and compassionate”

Meet Harlene Summers. We’re writing a story on her restaurant for TasteFresno. Harlene is a middle name—her first name comes from her father, who wanted a son. But soon she’ll be legally known as Makhenda, a name given to Harlene by elders of a tribe in Congo. I first learned of Harlene’s restaurant through Groupon; I […]

The Great Outdoors: Fort Funston

I’m back home from a week in San Francisco. I should probably write about all the incredible food experiences I had during that week (gah! so much good stuff!), but instead I find myself distracted by the sunlight bouncing off of winter-bleached passersby outside of my office door. It’s supposed to reach 71 degrees today—that’s the […]

Mushroom & Pea Risotto with Homemade Crab Stock

Sunday afternoon I found myself staring over the shoulder of two friends, anxiously awaiting a taste of the meat they were ripping from the shell of a Dungeness crab. “You’re not throwing those shells out, are you?” I asked as though I would have done otherwise. Then, this slipped out of my mouth: “Those would make […]


Well damn. It’s February?! I wish I could explain where I’ve been, but 1) you probably don’t want to know that much about me, and 2) I’m still making sense of all that 2012’s already thrown my way. So let’s clear the table–start fresh. Here are a few of my current obsessions: Seasonal fruits and veggies, […]