Family: Mom

I’m going to start profiling a few of the people I visit with on my trip—some family, some friends, and some, complete strangers.

This is my mom–you can call her Jane.

The lake in the background is Caddo Lake, home to the world’s largest cypress grove, to America’s first above-water oil well, and—reportedly—to Bigfoot. It was also my home until I was about five. Mom and I stopped by on our way to visit my grandparents late last week.

Another lake:

That’s where Mom lives. Well, technically she lives around the corner from here, on a couple of wooded acres. Nestled next to a quiet little creek. With four cats and two goats. Next door to her ex-husband (funny story).

One of the goats:

Mom taught me how to make an apple pie. To date, she makes the only potato salad that I’ll eat. She used to make a mean brisket, but now denies that ever happened (my sister backs me up).

She’s also helped to forge my appreciation for good barbecue, and may have just inspired another crawfish boil with her suggestion of adding brussels sprouts and mushrooms to the veggies in the broth.

Good to see you, Mom. I love you.

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