Goodbye, Fresno.

It’s lunchtime. I’m hungover. And I’m in the backseat of a Bay-bound car, listening to a road mix that includes Ke$sha and Elton John. This is how my journey begins.

Rather, that’s how it began—that was Thursday. I’m now sitting in the San Jose airport, waiting on the next flight to New Orleans. For the next four weeks (maybe longer?), I’ll be traipsing around the south and up the east coast. The goal: to clear my head, spend time with family, and get lost in conversations.

I’ll share stories of some of the the people I meet here. Day-to-day interactions and experiences from the trip will be chronicled on Twitter and Instagram (@jamescollier).

Oh, and Fresno, I’ll be back in July. I think.

From yesterday’s stay at the Phoenix Hotel (view on Instagram)

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