This summer started with a physical journey – a road trip to San Francisco, a flight to Louisiana, a drive to North Carolina, and several stops along the way. I can’t pinpoint exactly when, but at some point the journey transitioned to something much more internal – a mental re-set, and an exploration of what I want next out of life. For those who’ve been following along, this should explain the intermittent posts.

Over the last six years, I’ve focused a lot of energy on talking about food: writing, photographing, posting about my favorite meals online. But over the last several months, as priorities have shifted, I’ve found myself focused much more on community: people gathering around food. I want to spend more time here.

For now, I’m giving myself a break from blogging. I’ll also be transitioning away from TasteFresno, my main food project, but will transition away from that slowly. Thank you to everyone who’s explored along with me – now let’s share a meal!


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