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Stranger: Jane

“Dolphins are [one of] the only other species that have sex for pleasure.” That’s what I learned from Jane, who greeted a friend and me with a warm, “What’s up, bitches?!” She then spent a few minutes telling us about Greenpeace. According to Jane, three sea turtles die every second as a result of bycatch. If […]

Family: Mom

I’m going to start profiling a few of the people I visit with on my trip—some family, some friends, and some, complete strangers. This is my mom–you can call her Jane. The lake in the background is Caddo Lake, home to the world’s largest cypress grove, to America’s first above-water oil well, and—reportedly—to Bigfoot. It […]


I love this city—more and more with each visit.

Family time!

I’m back in the South. It feels good to be here. I mean, it’s humid, and I’m freaking out over the lack of reception (or internet), but the people here are always welcoming, and the scenery is familiar. Plus, I miss my family–I really don’t visit often enough. That’s my niece (and that’s her with […]