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Summer Harvest Exchange

The beauty of summer in the Central Valley is the abundant harvest—if you plant it and give it a little water, it’ll probably grow here. Come August, we’re up to our ears in corn (yeah, I went there), tomatoes, peppers, herbs, stone fruit, strawberries (they’re still around!)…the full list of what’s in season is overwhelming. […]

Brunch: Savory Bread Pudding

Warning: this post is only a tease. A delicious, summery-savory tease. (more…)

Dinner with The Cured Ham & Friends

I teased Saturday’s dinner on TasteFresno, but the two photos I posted didn’t do the full spread justice. David (of The Cured Ham), Chef Tommy, and Falina put on an incredible feast–one of the tastiest meals I’ve had, actually. For more photos and the full menu (including a description of the “Prime Tasting of Three […]

Organic Stone Fruit Jubilee

I discovered Slow Food Madera‘s Organic Stone Fruit Jubilee last year, as an assignment for the radio show I hosted at the time. I couldn’t believe the variety of peaches and nectarines on display (and apricots, plums, and more)—all of them sliced and set out for sampling. This year’s event was even tastier, and included […]