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Southern Comfort: Crawfish Étouffée (with a recipe for crawfish stock)

Warning: if this post feels a bit disjointed, it’s because I started writing it almost a month ago. The leftovers are long gone, but the thoughts, and the sense of comfort, remain. — I’ve often joked that I’m going to write a book titled How to Burn Out by 30. I have at least three chapters […]

Mushroom & Pea Risotto with Homemade Crab Stock

Sunday afternoon I found myself staring over the shoulder of two friends, anxiously awaiting a taste of the meat they were ripping from the shell of a Dungeness crab. “You’re not throwing those shells out, are you?” I asked as though I would have done otherwise. Then, this slipped out of my mouth: “Those would make […]

Redefining Tradition

I’m not big on tradition–at least, not in the form that it seems to take during the holidays. Thanksgiving, for example, long ago highlighted the rich flavors of harvest, but the “traditional” celebration seems to have devolved into canned sweet potatoes, green beans topped with crispy onions, and a cranberry-colored gelatinous substance. Sure, my family […]

Dinner with The Cured Ham & Friends

I teased Saturday’s dinner on TasteFresno, but the two photos I posted didn’t do the full spread justice. David (of The Cured Ham), Chef Tommy, and Falina put on an incredible feast–one of the tastiest meals I’ve had, actually. For more photos and the full menu (including a description of the “Prime Tasting of Three […]