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Small bites – IFBC Santa Monica

You know that joke about Nascar drivers only being able to turn left? (That is a joke, right? I know I didn’t make that up.) Well, I feel like that with my travels–my car is always pointed toward San Francisco or Sacramento. This weekend, however, I’m in Santa Monica for the International Food Bloggers Conference. Last […]

Flagstaff Eats: Diablo Burger

Edit: I really do love Denver, but Diablo Burger is in Flagstaff. D’oh! I had to reflect on this for a week, but the more I think about Diablo’s Wrigley Field burger, the more I know it’s one of the best I’ve had. Ever. I’m in love: with the burger, with the emphasis on local–with […]

Denver Eats: Jerusalem Restaurant

When traveling, I’ll always trust a recommendation from a friend over one from Yelp. That’s how I found Jerusalem: my friend Susan suggested it during my overnight stay in Denver last week. Honestly, I’m not sure how Susan discovered this place, but she said it was good enough to take a cab during a layover–that’s […]


I’m in SF for a few days, and was able to catch up with Kimberley of The Year in Food over dinner at Starbelly. More on food later; for now, just a photo. I’m off to explore the city!