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Of backyards and summer gatherings:

Another crawfish post? Yep—but this one’s more about the excuse to eat them. See, each year about this time, I start day dreaming about crawfish boils. They were common throughout my childhood in Louisiana, but the last one I attended was organized in honor of my little brother’s graduation; then, our family shipped 120 pounds […]

That time we ate a cow’s head

Last Thursday I get a message from my favorite coffee roaster: “Yo dude…smoked cabeza at keiths box car, this sat 8pm.” Hmm, I’m apprehensive. A whole cow’s head? But I trust Leo; he’s an adventurous foodie with an incredible ability to pick apart intricate flavors. And I get excited about anything that comes off of Keith’s smoker. […]

Good Food Awards: Tasting Panels

I first heard of the Good Food Awards through my friend Emily, another Eat Retreat connection (actually, she helped organize the retreat!). Emily is serving as chair for the Preserves committee, and connected me to the organizers so that I could help document this year’s judging. It was humbling to spend a day amongst so […]

Capay Tomato Festival

Half an hour outside of Sacramento is the tiny town of Capay. A green sign at the entrance announces the population: 200. Elevation, 250. Kim and I visited last month, driving up for the annual Capay Tomato Festival. The event is actually named after Capay Organic Farm (the town is just a few miles east)–all […]