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Foraged: Mulberries

This early summer is messing with the berries. I mean, we were picking mulberries in mid-June last year; this year, we’re we’re almost a month ahead of schedule. Guess that means it’s time for a little urban foraging. Picture this: it’s 8:00 a.m. on a Sunday morning. A dark SUV rolls quietly down a city street. […]

Roadside Harvest: Onions

It’s Monday, and I’m out of words. Just…appreciative. And excited to see all of the valley’s roadside stands open for business.


Life gets complicated. At least, my life has gotten complicated, so lately I’ve found myself retreating and resetting–reformatting. Now, I’m attempting to rediscover the beauty and inspiration that lie in simplicity. That’s what I found at the market this weekend: Early season sugar peas Fresh mint Eggs (these actually came from a friend’s backyard) Side note: […]

Saturday at the market

I love this time of year. But this late summer is making it hard to get anything done – every trip to the market inspires new food ideas. Today, I picked up a peach pastry (you might notice a theme when I go to the Saturday market), fresh raspberries and blackberries, and plump muscat grapes. […]