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The Great Outdoors: Fort Funston

I’m back home from a week in San Francisco. I should probably write about all the incredible food experiences I had during that week (gah! so much good stuff!), but instead I find myself distracted by the sunlight bouncing off of winter-bleached passersby outside of my office door. It’s supposed to reach 71 degrees today—that’s the […]


Well damn. It’s February?! I wish I could explain where I’ve been, but 1) you probably don’t want to know that much about me, and 2) I’m still making sense of all that 2012’s already thrown my way. So let’s clear the table–start fresh. Here are a few of my current obsessions: Seasonal fruits and veggies, […]


Meet Jason. He’s my not so little brother. And he’s one of the few people I know that appreciates flannel as much as I do. I finally lured him to California. Jason left North Carolina last Monday; I flew in to Denver later in the week to help drive the last 1,250 miles. I’ll share […]

Mental escape: Ferry Building Farmers Market

Today was weird—not bad, just weird. In fact, the last week or so has felt this way, and I can’t help but think it’s because I haven’t been to the Bay in a while. I need a day trip for inspiration. That’s going to be hard to pull off this week, so instead, I’m flipping through […]