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Southern Comfort: Crawfish Étouffée (with a recipe for crawfish stock)

Warning: if this post feels a bit disjointed, it’s because I started writing it almost a month ago. The leftovers are long gone, but the thoughts, and the sense of comfort, remain. — I’ve often joked that I’m going to write a book titled How to Burn Out by 30. I have at least three chapters […]

Foraged: Mulberries

This early summer is messing with the berries. I mean, we were picking mulberries in mid-June last year; this year, we’re we’re almost a month ahead of schedule. Guess that means it’s time for a little urban foraging. Picture this: it’s 8:00 a.m. on a Sunday morning. A dark SUV rolls quietly down a city street. […]

The Dirty Kumquat

A few weeks back I picked up a bottle of kumquat-infused vodka at a harvest exchange. I sipped a little neat, but decided to hand the bottle over to a professional for mixing. Enter Ephiram, of Anywhere Laboratories. We met up on a Friday afternoon to talk about mixed-use spaces: I’m researching shared kitchen spaces, […]

Plum-ish cobbler

All spring I complained about the abundance of citrus, and longed for the first bite of stone fruit. Now, I’m swimming in peaches, nectarines, plums, pluots and apriums. I’ve sliced ’em and eaten them fresh; I’ve soaked them in wine, and covered them with honey whipped cream. They keep showing up in my CSA boxes. […]