Foraged: Mulberries

This early summer is messing with the berries. I mean, we were picking mulberries in mid-June last year; this year, we’re we’re almost a month ahead of schedule. Guess that means it’s time for a little urban foraging. Picture this: it’s 8:00 a.m. on a Sunday morning. A dark SUV rolls quietly down a city street. […]

That time we ate a cow’s head

Last Thursday I get a message from my favorite coffee roaster: “Yo dude…smoked cabeza at keiths box car, this sat 8pm.” Hmm, I’m apprehensive. A whole cow’s head? But I trust Leo; he’s an adventurous foodie with an incredible ability to pick apart intricate flavors. And I get excited about anything that comes off of Keith’s smoker. […]

Roadside Harvest: Onions

It’s Monday, and I’m out of words. Just…appreciative. And excited to see all of the valley’s roadside stands open for business.

A day of detours

In October, I flew out to Denver to meet my brother, who drove cross-country to live with me for a few months. Our drive to Fresno was spread over two days, and on the first leg, we committed to driving only on back roads. Jason left a couple of weeks ago. Thinking through our time […]